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The goal of NMTA is to support minority truckers in transport supply services and to meet the transport demands of our partners. We do this by meeting these minority truckers where they are, then taking them by the hand and walking them to success. Our mission is to not only connect our NMTA members with the products and services that enhance their ability to better service their customers, but to provide for their families, become vested leaders in their communities, and to become valued mentors to the next generation of truckers. Your partnership in this comprehensive strategy plays an integral part in our ability to accomplish that goal.

At NMTA, we attempt to reduce the business risk and uncertainty associated with supply-side dependency. We do this by developing and managing a supply base of truckers and carriers with the same transparent skills, characteristics, terminology, and standard procedures operated by the focal purchasing organization. This process will improve financial performance (i.e., supply chain efficiency), reduce financial risk (i.e., supply chain resilience) , and provide a strategic advantage for your company. We invite you to partner with NMTA in serving this dynamic fast growing and under-served industry sector. With your generous support, not only can we change the transportation supply side of the industry, we will change the lives of every trucker, carrier, and broker in the industry and subsequently, change the lives of their families and children.