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NMTA is the largest association committed to assisting all minorities with establishing and growing careers and businesses in the trucking and logistics industry.

People often question the power and relevance of social media but it’s because of LinkedIn that I learned of the NMTA. I was able to work with NMTA Founder, Kevin Reid, to create a meaningful partnership between SelecTrucks (Freightliner) and the NMTA. SelecTrucks is not only serious about trucking but we also believe that our corporate efforts to drive diversity will do nothing but enrich our customers’ businesses and, thus, the industry overall. Some associations are fly-by-night and others are here to stay. I know the NMTA is here for the long haul because of the passion, vision and focused execution of its leaders. What’s more is that I’ve had the privilege of witnessing, first-hand, the positive impact that the NMTA leadership has on its members. The NMTA is addressing an important segment of the trucking community and is creating opportunities for minorities that will change trucking forever. SelecTrucks is proud to be a part of that movement!”