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NMTA Certification

The NMTA Certification process is an exclusive program designed to help NMTA members understand the components needed in order to successfully establish a solid foundation for their business. This process also allows NMTA to vet businesses that have already been established and add value to seasoned companies. There are four phases to the certification process that include:

  • General Business Development
  • Operational Development
  • Equipment Development (Carriers only)
  • Financial Development

In each phase we will capture specific information about your company to upload to your profile. Upon completing the NMTA Certification each member will have a detailed profile in our system that will be marketed to major corporations that partner with NMTA, as well as a Certificate of Completion. NMTA will be known as an Association that helps to produce fundamentally sound transportation firms, and the NMTA Certification is a program that will help us to achieve this goal.