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National Minority Trucking Association is committed to assisting all minorities with establishing, maintaining, and growing successful careers and businesses in the trucking and logistics industry. In today’s trucking industry there seem to be limited resources..

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We are often asked by our partners, what do truckers need most? Our response is simple, “Education”. NMTA is committed to providing it’s members with comprehensive education that will enable them to succeed in all areas of the trucking and transportation industry.

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NMTA has launched a national initiative to create half a million jobs in response to the high unemployment rate and the shortage of truck drivers in the transportation industry. NMTA looks to assist in connecting viable candidates with large, medium..

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Minority Transportation Consortium (MTC)


MTC is a national conglomerate of Minority, Veteran, and Women owned transportation firms seeking freight opportunities with large public and private sector shippers and their associated Supplier Diversity programs. The MTC was established as collaboration between the National Minority Trucking Association (NMTA) and its member organizations.

  • Amazon wants its delivery network to include hundreds of startups

    Helping entrepreneurs start small delivery companies will let Amazon further ramp up its ecommerce engine–and might be the start of something even bigger. In my neighborhood, at least, a fair percentage of Amazon deliveries are made by contractors who participate in the company’s Uber-esque Flex program. These couriers pick up items for delivery from local Amazon fulfillment centers, wear utilitarian safety jackets, and drive unmarked, sometimes vaguely disreputable-looking vehicles with packages piled atop their dashboards.Read Full Story Amazon wants its delivery network to include hundreds of startups
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  • America’s Trucker Shortage Is Hitting Home

    THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY, the backbone of the U.S. economy, is carrying more weight than ever despite a critical shortage of drivers. And now this compression point is sending waves of pain through the supply chain from distributors and wholesalers to retailers and consumers in the form of fast-rising shipping costs. Even Amazon and its Prime members are feeling the pinch. This predicament was a long time coming. An aging driver population that continues to dwindle owing to retirement—combined with a lack of younger workers coming into the industry—is a problem that has been festering for 15 years. The Great Recession and the years of recovery that followed largely masked the problem. America’s Trucker Shortage Is Hitting Home
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  • NMTA Truckers Opportunity Expo 2018!

    The 2018 Truckers Opportunity Expo was a great success! With hundreds of attendees from all over the United States, the National Minority Trucking Associations Truckers Opportunity Expo Sponsored by Atalon Logistics was the largest yet. The Truckers Opportunity Expo’s mission is to create a forum that connects minority-owned businesses and logistics professionals to the government and corporate contracts, educational workshops, and leaders in this industry. This first of its kind annual event has been pivotal in altering the exposure, awareness, and advocacy of minorities in this industry.

    The event kicked off Friday May 10th at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia with the Top Women In Logistic’s conference. this one day gathering brings together the top leaders in the industry to have an engaging dialogue with attendees. The panel of logistics professionals headlined by Veronica Hawkins of NFI Industries led an interactive workshop that highlighted the successes and struggles of women in the industry.Women from all walks of life had the opportunity to share their stories, express their experiences, and pick the brains of these leaders to learn how they overcame such adversity. The event concluded with a panel discussion and Q&A session with 6 leaders from the logistics industry to answer the questions of attendees. Conversations ranged from how to get ahead in business to overcoming gender bias in the workplace.

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  • USA Transportation: Recruiting Owner Operators

    OVERVIEW USA Transportation is a reliable minority owned Carrier and Freight Broker Logistics company with over 20 years of experience. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions. USA Transportation Logistics LLC, is in the process of being certified as a MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and NWBOC (National Women Business Owner Corporation) which will afford us with more opportunities and the ability to bid on Government, Military and FEMA freight. AVAILABLE POSITION(S)
    • Owner Operators to run under our Authority
    • We have 2 – 53′ Dry Vans available.
    • CDL Class A
    • Minimum 3 yrs. CDL experience
    • Clean MVR and SAFER
    • Clean Criminal Background
    • No DUI’s in the past 10 Years
    • Pass Drug Test and Random Drug Testing Annually
    • Basic smart phone literacy (MUST HAVE SMART PHONE)
    • Background and Employment check required
    • Employment type: Contract
    • We supply 53′ Dry Van, NO RENTAL FEE! You supply Truck and Driver
    • We constantly prospect for Direct Shippers. We try to only use brokers for backhaul, if needed
    • We’re looking for owner operators with a commitment to provide the most reliable and professional service
    • Prefer Truck Owner from NC, SC, GA but can be from anywhere in USA
    • As an independent contractor, you have the independence to run the way you want or we can dispatch your loads
    • We have Direct Shippers and we continue to offer services to additional direct shippers, to continue growing the business and availability of obtaining the best paying freight
    • Commission Pay 80% of weekly gross, before operating costs
    • We do all back-office work for you
    • No forced dispatch
    • Weekly settlements and direct deposits
    • Fuel discount program
    CONTACT Julie Whitmire jwhitmire@usatransportationlogistics.com 888.684.7007  
  • Purpose, Passion, and Power Workshop

    Top Women in Logistics proudly presents, The Purpose, Passion and Power Workshop An event created specifically for women in the trucking and logistics industry offering business development training, financial longevity and personal best practices for work, life and balance.   Featuring: Desurai Wilson – Business Development Mastermind with over 20 years of industry experience. Chinyere Norman  – Financial Strategist/Money Matchmaker with over 10 years of industry experience. Charlie Vaughn – Personal Advisor/Consultant with over 17 years of professional experience.   Who should attend?
    • Women in the trucking and logistics industry who need proven strategies to grow their careers and business.
    • Women who are ready for a breakthrough in business and life.
    • Women truckers and logistics professionals who want to learn how to conduct herself in a male-dominated industry.
    • Women who need financial skills to keep more money in the business and in the bank.
    What should You expect?
    • To be given the tools and resources to align your business, money, and life with your Purpose, Power, and Passion.
    Why this event is for you?
    • A great opportunity to allow your individual success journey as a woman to disrupt the industry with a fresh perspective on business strategy, financial longevity, and personal balance.
      Cost: $149 (includes breakfast and lunch) Date: July 8th Time: 8:00AM – 5:30 PM Location: Holiday Inn Airport South | 4669 Airport Blvd, College Park, GA 30337 To register call 404-334-3232 | marketing@minoritytruckers.com | online
  • Great New Opportunity for Experienced Freight Agents With An Established Book Of Business

    OVERVIEW AFX LOGISTICS LLC is a minority owned 3PL, licensed and bonded Transportation Logistics firm, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We have nationwide access to multiple equipment types, multiple lanes and multiple modes. We also pride ourselves in providing top notch customer service throughout the shipping process.   AVAILABLE POSITIONS
    • Freight Agent
    • Minimum of one year transportation experience or Broker/Agent course completion
    • Effective communication skills
    • Ability to multi-task
    • Experience with Microsoft office applications and internet
    • Commitment to courteous and professional relationships
    • Ethical approach for success
    • Relationship building skills
    • Goal-oriented
    • NMTA Members are Preferred
    • 100% Commission Based Structure.
      We are providing ground floor opportunities for individuals to grow with AFX LOGISTICS LLC. You will operate under the Broker Authority of AFX LOGISTICS as a Transportation Logistics Professional. AFX LOGISTICS will handle all of the back office work including: invoicing, carrier payment, receivables, credit, collections and claims.   CONTACT Interested freight agents please email info@afxfreightlogistics.com or call 470.317.5412 to request and application.
  • Hermes Trucking & Logistics: Recruiting Class A Driver

    OVERVIEW Here at Hermes Trucking & Logistics we pride ourselves on providing our drivers with the support and training they need to succeed. We know that a conducive work environment and employee appreciation allows our drivers to thrive and continue being the best. We understand that our success depends on our drivers, and we value what you do.   AVAILABLE POSITIONS
    • Company drivers
    • Owner operators (Vehicle must be 10 model years or newer)
    • Minimum 2yrs commercial driving experience
    • No more than 1 chargeable accident in the past 3yrs
    • No more than 2 traffic violations in the past 3yrs
    • No felony offenses involving a motor vehicle
    • Must have valid GA CDL
    • Must pass drug, alcohol, and background check
    • Must pass a road test
    • NMTA Members are Preferred
    • Competitive pay: Drivers start at 40-45cpm with increases after each   satisfactory driver review. (Driver pay may start higher depending on      experience)
    • Health benefits after 90 days of service
    • Lease/Purchase program for eligible employees
    • Detention pay for extended waiting periods of loading and unloading products
    • $500 referral bonus program
    • Driver development program
    • Paid time off benefits to eligible employees
    • Set home time is GUARANTEED!!!
        Drivers will be recognized for quality work, good attitude, and willingness to advance in building their own career.   Build your career with a company that develops talent and understands how important you are.   CONTACT Interested drivers email info@hermestruckco.com to request an application.
  • Freight Opportunity

    Attention: NMTA Members

    Attention NMTA Owner Operator Members: Contact us today for a “drop and hook” dedicated opportunity out of Memphis, TN and Metro Atlanta, GA. This is the first of many dedicated lanes that will help members that are interested to grow and upscale their fleet. Please respond by Thursday, February 9th! Call 404-334-3232 or email us at info@minoritytruckers.com. In order to participate you must meet the following requirements:
    • Must have at least 2 years of experience over the road
    • Must own your own equipment
    Please call Chevon Reid at 404-334-3232 or email creid@minoritytruckers.com with your Contact Name, Company Number, and Email Address.
  • Fleet Safety R & R

    By Sam Tucker, CEO of Carrier Risk Solutions | STucker@CarrierRiskSolutions.com | 1-855-211-5550

    Would you like a little R & R? Those are two of the most beloved words to any soldier. R & R in their world stands for Rest and Relaxation or Rest and Recuperation (depending on who you ask). In other words, it the civilian world’s equivalent of vacation time.  As a fleet safety and compliance manager, you certainly need some of this and surely deserve it too! But, my R & R is a little different. The key to fleet safety and compliance management success is that your processes are both Regular and Recurring. Regular meaning that your processes needs to be common or the same for all CVOs. Regular processes can easily be followed by others, like your boss or an assistant….or your kind and supportive spouse who really did want to help you that Saturday morning.  Recurring meaning that your process can be easily repeated so that you can scale and apply them to your entire organization, regardless of fleet size.   Ensure that the same process is followed every time AND ensure that the same process is followed for every CVO that is hired.  Establishing processes in this way creates both consistency among your files, help to ensure compliance with FMCSR 391.51 and makes them much easier to maintain. Want a DOT Compliance Tip delivered to your inbox daily?
    If you stop and think about the monumental tasks that trucking company owners and fleet safety managers face on a daily basis, you could work yourself into a panic attack pretty quickly! But, if you set up effective systems to help along the way, you can have a shot at some actual R & R…maybe.
    Perhaps one of the grossest business idioms that should have died right after it was created was “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Admittedly, I’m not very cultured. I haven’t traveled internationally much and lead a somewhat sheltered existence, but I’ve yet to meet one person who has actually eaten an elephant…..just saying.  But, the reason that the saying refuses to die is that it’s so darn appropriate! The simple idea is that we can more easily accomplish huge tasks by simply breaking them down into smaller pieces. If you try to do this with the monumental tasks that you face regarding fleet safety and compliance management, than those scary and complex jobs become much more manageable. Break down your large tasks into smaller tasks and then implement my R & R model! Let’s test my R & R model on the driver qualification file management process. (Oh, before we begin, remember that this is just one of the methods that I use with my consulting clients and it may not work for you. That’s okay! Hopefully, I can at least encourage you to think about this some more.)  Effective DQF management begins with a good system in place to hire and onboard new commercial vehicle operators (CVOs). Develop or steal an effective checklist that helps you ensure that you have all of the required forms completed and in order before a CVO even begins driving for your company. Set up a tracking system with a task or project management tool that helps you with this. I love WunderlistThis is an amazing tool/app that you can use to set up to do lists, project management lists and other general stuff that you need to keep track of. Apart from being free, your lists are cloud based so you can see them across multiple devices (which really comes in handy when you wake up in the middle of the night because you forgot if you actually ordered received that CVOs MVR).    To ensure that the system that you have created remains Regular (and to comply with FMCSR §391.25use a good scheduling tool like Google Calendar to remind you about critical tasks that need to be handled on a recurring basis, such as ordering a CVO’s MVR and Annual Driving Record Statement. I wouldn’t use the same calendar that you use for keeping track of meetings and your kid’s soccer games, as things can get missed or derailed quickly.  Set up a separate calendar completely and refer back to it often. Also, use the built in reminder features to help create your daily to-do Wunderlist. Some TMS already have these features built into them, but let’s face it. Excel and Outlook serve as the TMS for most of us. This model is meant to be fast, cheap and easy. It’s effective and can help save what little sanity you have left. Pick a major process each week or month and try to focus on engineering or reengineering that system to be more Regular and Recurring. (remember the elephant!!) This method can easily be applied to drug and alcohol testing and compliance, vehicle maintenance, DQF management, log book auditing, IFTA reporting, CDL compliance management and many other areas!   Taking some time and applying some serious thought to establishing good processes that follow my R and R model may just help you enjoy the real R & R sooner than you think!
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Our Mission Statement




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