MTC is a national conglomerate of Minority, Veteran, and Women owned transportation firms seeking freight opportunities with large public and private sector shippers and their associated Supplier Diversity programs. The MTC was established as collaboration between the National Minority Trucking Association (NMTA) and its member organizations.


Identify, Recruit, and Certify qualified Minority, Veteran, and Women owned transportation firms to successfully participate in major contracting opportunities which will inevitably build sustainable businesses within the transportation industry. By linking the well-known market demand for good truckers with a pipeline of professional truckers and carriers that have the capacity to service well-structured freight opportunities, the MTC is not only ready to meet any shipping need, but also increase the preparedness, prominence, and profitability of the most under-served segment of America’s Driving Force.


It is well documented that small and disadvantaged businesses have been unable to compete in large contract opportunities due to various reasons. These reasons may be a lack of capacity, scalability, infrastructure, or access to capital. NMTA and its corporate partners have provided comprehensive solutions to enable participants of the MTC to collectively operate with solutions and performance abilities that will rival the largest transportation providers.

The MTC will reduce the business risk and uncertainty associated with supply­side dependency. This will be accomplished by developing and managing a supply base of carriers with the same transparent skills, characteristics, terminology, and standard procedures as the purchasing organization. The MTC will also improve financial performance of its participants and provide a strategic advantage for the purchasing organization.


Each MTC member must be a NMTA member in good standing seeking to grow and benefit from the goals of the program as stated above. All pertinent information such as the Consortium application, appropriate licensing, safety records, personal references, etc. must be in order and approved by the MTC Evaluation Board to gain admission and to qualify to carry freight. Within a year from enrollment, each MTC member MUST complete the NMTA certification program’s specialized training in Logistics Business Management, Safety and Compliance, Business Finance, and Contracts & Bids.