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NMTA is the largest association committed to assisting all minorities with establishing and growing careers and businesses in the trucking and logistics industry.

Who We Are

1-on-1 Business Development Consultations

Logistics professionals aspire to own the next industry leading international logistics company, however, the key to this success is avoiding the pitfalls that entrepreneurs have found themselves in. 1 on 1 Business Development Consultations connects members to experienced business leaders that work to help members to establish, maintain, and scale a thriving logistics business. These consultations can be scheduled for for up to an hour to address the concerns that are top of mind for our members.

In Person Transportation Business Training

Our Transportation Business In-Person Training series is a unique learning environment that allows students to learn from the brightest minds in the industry and also build a community of entrepreneurs that grow to rely upon and support each other as their businesses grow. The in-person learning experiences cover topics ranging from the setup and structure of your business to accounting and HR best practices.

Online Business Training

The greatest entrepreneurs never stop learning and we provide our members with the tools necessary to always have the most up to date information at their fingertips. The NMTA Academy is stocked with content from our in house instructors and our strategic partners. This learning portal is updated weekly with new content.

Access to NMTA Preferred Partner Resources

The National Minority Trucking Association’s network of Corporate and government partners not only work to bring our members exclusive opportunities, our members gain access to a library of discounted products, services, and exclusive materials to help you save money, and make your business grow. The benefits of membership doesn’t stop there, you also gain access to services that your family can enjoy like insurance and much more.


Membership benefits are a great value for our members however the National Minority Trucking Associations also has a responsibility to protect the interest of our members and to fight for the continued growth of opportunities for minorities within the industry. We do this by lobbying for legislation that support our mission and representing those without a voice.

NMTA acts as a primary resource center and advocate for minorities in the trucking and transportation industry through our partnerships, affiliations, services, and member benefits. NMTA fosters employment opportunities through our various partners within the transportation industry to promote fair and equal opportunity for those minorities who qualify and are seeking employment in the trucking and transportation industry.